Welcome to Mutzabaugh's Family Market

It all began in 1920

Mutzabaugh's Market Inc. is presently located in the Duncannon Plaza at 3 Friendly Drive. The thriving business began in 1920 when Thomas began selling his home cured meats and ice from a horse and buggy.

Store location changed several times


Thomas and Annie opened their first market along the old railroad crossing between Market Square and High St. Thomas died in 1936, but Annie continued with the help of her sons. During the years, the store moved; twice in the 1940's and 1950's on North Market Street. Then in the early 60's, the market was moved to the former Kennedy's store on High Street. During this time, Annie retired and then died in 1962. From here, the Mutzabaugh's moved beside the American Legion where they operated for over 30 years.

The Mutzabaugh brothers owned other stores over the years

Over the years, the Mutzabaugh brothers owned the other stores in Harrisburg and Enola. They also owned a slaughterhouse (now Perry Foods).

In 1968, the market became incorporated with Richard as president. In the later 1970's, Thomas and Richard divided the business—Thomas took the slaughterhouse and Richard the store. Richard continued to run the store until his death in 1985. His wife, Patricia, took over the operation, becoming President; her son Stanley, V.P. and her daughter Robin, Secretary/Treasurer.

In 1988, the Mutzabaugh family finally realized they had to expand. Their idea became reality with the purchase of the Homer Ebersole farm on route 274.

On March 24, 1993, after 5 years of planning and hard work, their dream became reality when they moved into their present location. As large as the new store was, the family came to realize that once again, they would have to grow. In 2003, the store was enlarged and remodeled to its present size.

Management Staff & Department Managers

Our Specialties!

Meat Department

>> Smoked & cured meats

>> Our own sausage & ham loaf

>> Meats cut to order

Mutzabaugh's Deli

>> We have a sit-down eatery!
>> Several different types of ready-made foods such as our own homemade salads and desserts
>> Try our coffee and beverage bar which includes several different types of fresh coffee and slushies.
>> Homemade Stromboli's

>> Standard and special selection of subs - we have a Mutzy MONSTER sub - fresh made and delicious! (If your order is for a large gathering, we give discounts on items!)
>> We even have croissants, pretzel bread, and pita pocket based sandwiches for you to enjoy.

Seafood Department

>> Homemade seafood salads
>> Fresh fish daily!
>> For Super Bowl and New Years Eve we offer two sizes of cooked shrimp for your get-togethers - seasoned or unseasoned, a great addition to any party!


>> Made from Scratch Items! Mutzy's is known for their professionally decorated cakes!

General Grocery

>> Dairy - largest selection of teas, creamers and cheese in Perry County!
>> 3 Milk companies for you to choose from

>> Vegetable trays, fruit trays and fruit baskets in our Produce Department!
>> Largest tobacco selection

Fundraising Subs & Sandwiches

Raise funds for your group or organization with our easy sub and sandwich fundraiser. Thank you for considering Mutzabaugh’s Market for your organizations next fundraiser. At Mutzabaugh’s, quality comes first. We take pride in choosing the freshest ingredients!

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Make our Private Brands Your Brands

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